how can i help you?

I provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to talk, be listened to, and be yourself. I offer treatment plans that include focused, short-term counselling and in-depth, long-term therapy in a comfortable consulting room in Wells, Somerset.

My role is  to support you, as we explore what is troubling you and discover how your current difficulties are impacting your mood, behaviour and outlook on life. Perhaps you are feeling stuck and seeking to explore the barriers to changing your current situation, working towards feeling more fulfilled. Together we will explore all avenues available to you and enable you to make the changes you need to gain a fresh perspective. Helping you unlock your potential by examining what is causing you distress.
I offer dedicated support as you face your challenges and can help treat most emotional and psychological difficulties. I work with young people and adults of all ages, cultural backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations and work with a diverse range of clients presenting with a range of difficulties: