informal counselling

Informal counselling takes place in a single session, on a flexible basis as and when you require it, therefore making it cost effective with no long term commitment required. I have found informal counselling an increasingly valuable service, for people trying to access counselling services for the first time, as an existing client requiring an interim or longer session, or for past clients wishing to refresh any part of their counselling at a later date.
Informal counselling is unstructured and an opportunity for you to talk freely about whatever you want too and be listened too, in the same safe, supportive and neutral space to enable you to talk freely about problems that are concerning you, but without intervention, advice and guidance. In your informal counselling session, you and the concerns you bring will shape the session and are not part of a process as in "traditional" counselling.
There are be no specific goal to achieve, simply put, informal counselling provides an opening to explore troubling thoughts and feelings, by doing so you can achieve more clarity and find your own solutions. By talking , things often become clearer about how you can address your current situation and what you might need to do or change. Or, you may simply feel less overwhelmed with clearer thoughts and less emotionally attached to the problems you have discussed.